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    Answered By: Adam Minakowski
    Last Updated: Jun 17, 2022     Views: 4

    The Naval Academy library uses Preservica as their digital preservation system. It  is possible to use a discovery import profile to ingest Preservica records so that  they display in Primo. The University of Manchester presented at IGeLU in 2021  with their approach to the Preservica discovery import profile. The relevant steps  are included below and the entire presentation can be viewed at: august-24-2021/ 

    Note: The University of Manchester seems to have metadata on the asset level,  so this approach will need to be tuned for USNA where metadata is described on  the folder level. 

    1. To ensure that nothing is ingested that should not be ingested, first verify  what is public in Preservica by searching for: (schema = XIP ; value = public).

    2. In Preservica, locate a role that has read permissions on public collections only (e.g. anonymous user role). 

    3. Configure a Primo user in Preservica and assign the read-only role, noting  the authentication information. 

    4. In Alma, configure Primo Normalization Rules as desired (E.g. map MODS to  DC) and connect to a normalization process, 

    5. In Alma, configure a Discovery Import Profile as follows: 

    o Profile Details:  

    ▪ File splitter parameters can be left as defaults 

    ▪ Scheduling as desired 

    ▪ OAI Base URL from Preservica 

    ▪ Authentication information = the Preservica Primo user  

    ▪ Metadata prefix = XIP (the whole record) 

    • U of Manchester doesn't exclusively use Dublin Core,  

    hence XIP. 

    o Normalization: Connect any normalization rules created in Step 4 to  the import profile 

    o Details, Linking Parameters:  

    ▪ Match linking parameters so that links to records are built  


    6. If the incoming record has a number of dc:identifiers, use a regex to match  the correct identifier for linking.


    More information about configuring a Discovery Import Profile can be found here: E/Primo_VE_(English)/100Loading_Records_from_External_Sources_into_Primo_VE/Configuring_Import_Profiles_for_Primo_VE