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    Answered By: Adam Minakowski
    Last Updated: Jun 17, 2022     Views: 4

    To get “manuscript” in the resource type

    Music and text manuscripts:

    LDR pos. 06 = d,t AND LDR pos. 7 = m AND 008 pos. 23 != a,b,c,o,f,q,s

    Cartographical manuscripts:

    LDR pos. 06 = f AND LDR pos. 7 = m AND 008 pos. 29 != a,b,c,o,f,q,s

    For Dublin Core, currently, some Dublin Core fields do not display in Primo (e.g. DC Type). This is most likely due to issues in mapping tables. Primo VE determines a record's  resource type based on the existence of the following fields in order: 

    1. discovery:resourceType field 

    2. dcterms:type field 

    3. dc:type field 

    If Primo VE uses items 2 or 3, the value is compared with the mappings in the  Dublin Core Type to Discovery Type Mapping table (Discovery Configuration → Discovery → Loading External Data Sources → Dublin Core Type to Discovery Type  Mapping). If a match is found, the matching value in the mapping table is used. 

    If no match is found and the mapping table has a default value, the default value will be used. The default value for USNA is Other, which is why this is displaying in  Primo. To resolve the issue, update the mapping table and consider setting the  default type to be something more useful. 

    To update a large amount of material, create a set and bulk change the item level material type. These knowledge base articles have more info